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Baroque-era printer's ornament

on maps of China

This exhibit includes 4 period maps of Asia:

  • Ogilby’s “A New Map of Asia” (1673)
  • Ogilby’s map of Surat, on the west coast of India, “De Stadt Souratte” (1673)
  • Kircher’s map of China, “Imperium Sinicum Quindecupartitum” (1667)
  • Kircher’s map of Asia, “Tabula Geodoborica Itinerum a varijs in Cataium susceptorum rationem exhibens” (1667)

which illustrate places and ocean areas in & about the East Indies and China which are mentioned in 17th-century sightings of ananas fructus and flying fish (see related gallery exhibits).

TOPICS:  reintegrating the philosopher’s gaze (“the external perspective of the observer”) with a participant’s gaze; maps as models of the collective intellectual; mapping as “the imposition of a colonizing culture”

Baroque-era printer's ornament

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