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Instead of writing the usual “publish or perish” pieces directed at a small group of academic peers, I decided to develop, a content-rich site that was in the planning stages for a number of years before its official launch in March 2004. is an experimental, Web-based research project in the history of science and culture during the early modern period. From the beginning, I wanted the site to serve as a scholarly resource, not only for teachers and students, but also for professionals working in a wide range of arts & sciences, including ICT (information & communications technology).

I wanted to make fascinating, but little-known, archival materials from the early modern period more accessible to those with an interest and stake in the research.

I wanted to delve into the hidden histories of modern thought and technologies, and in so doing, revisit relevant theoretical controversies, along with much of what we think we know about professional practices, past & present.

And I wanted to do all of this in dialogue with experienced professionals and academics from a broad swath of disciplines.

This has meant opening up the creative process of research in ways that continue to challenge me as a scholar and as a communicator.

While I have designed to evolve within general guidelines of what I hope to accomplish within my chosen specialties, I have no fixed and static research agenda of the sort required by more traditional, discipline-specific print publication. As such, site scholarship has become more of an omnibus work-in-process, and less of a polished end product.

All of this poses unique problems for Web site design and technologies, at least some of which I hope to solve with this PREVIEWS page, introduced in August 2005.

When I first launched, I tried to keep the logical scaffolding of the site — my big-picture vision for it — in plain view. To this end, I integrated lists of “forthcoming” material with available content throughout the site.

Now that the site has matured and I’ve had a chance to review how visitors actually use its resources, I’ve decided to remove the scaffolding and recycle it here, converting lists of not-yet-functioning links into annotated PREVIEWS of what’s to come.


There are plenty of projects in the works for


As research progresses and projects evolve (e.g., a brief note on flying fish added to an e-text in the LIBRARY morphs into its own GALLERY exhibit), these PREVIEWS pages will evolve, too.

So check back occasionally, and find out what’s up: where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and where we’re headed.


Tailpiece from the 1753 Supplement to _Chambers' Cyclopaedia_

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