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Baroque-era printer's ornament

on the baroque art of informing,
in several parts

Forthcoming exhibits are themed around specific works:

  • John Dee’s “Groundplat of my Mathematicall Praeface: annexed to Euclide” (1570)
  • Wenceslaus Hollar’s etching, “Elephas hic per Europam visus est.” (print pub. in 1629)
  • John Bulwer’s “the art of manuall rhetoricke” (1644)
  • Athanasius Kircher’s Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (1646)
  • Johann Amos Comenius’ Orbis Sensualium Pictus (1658, 1659)
  • John Wilkins’ Essay Towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language (1668)
  • Robert Hooke’s “aenigmatical” theory of the u-joint (1674 and 1676)
  • Joseph Moxon’s Regulæ trium ordinum literarum typographicarum (1676)
  • an accounting manual for women, “By one of that Sex” (1678)
  • Nehemiah Grew’s Musæum Regalis Societatis (1681)
  • Nehemiah Grew’s New Experiments, and Useful Observations Concerning Sea-Water Made Fresh ... (1683, 1684)

as well as more general topics such as:

  • Information Trees
  • Pointers (pointing hands, arrows, referencing lines)
  • Almanacs

Each makes an interesting case study of innovative practices in print communication.

Baroque-era printer's ornament

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